• We offer interactive classes to teach American Sign Language at various age groups while playing games, reading books, singing music, and arts and crafts time (more about classes). 
  • Akiko Amano, Ph.D. is a certified instructor with the Signing Time Academy. Akiko continually develops her teaching skills and knowledge about ASL by attending instructor training (more about instructor).
  • We offer Mommy & Me class (ages 0 to 5) in Bellevue, Kenmore, North Seattle, Renton, WA.

Who is Joyful Signing Academy?


What are benefits of taking classes?

​Baby signing has many positive effects for baby, parents, family and community. Baby signing can help: 

  • Promote early language development.
  • Build strong vocabulary and social skills.
  • Create two-way conversations between baby and parents and others.
  • Reduce tantrums and frustration; develop bonding with parents.
  • Strengthen baby's hand eye coordination and dexterity.​
  • Improve multilingual family communications acting as a bridge between different languages.

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  • Focus on achieving two-way communications using baby signs.
  • Build strong ASL vocabulary with fun games, activities, reading books and singing songs.
  • Learn in a safe and secure place where you can ask questions, share experiences and learn from others.
  • Stay motivated to continue signing each week and reinforce learning at home. 


What is baby signing?

  • Baby sign language strengthened my relationship with my baby. I enjoy motherhood even more with baby signing.
  • My son is able to focus on me and my hands when I sign. I get his attention easier than before.
  • The sign language class was a fun activity we could share with our 8 month old daughter. Ms. Akiko was very friendly and a great teacher, and our daughter enjoyed following and learning the signs.​
  • It was great to have a class in a fun and cozy environment. We were picking up new signs every class and feel rewarded for our family. We also learned more about sharing our thoughts with baby. Ms. Akiko is friendly and professional. She helped us learn a lot. We really enjoyed the classes! (Mother to a eight-month old son)

who would enjoy OUR classes (class registration here)

  • English and Japanese speaking parents and caregivers
  • Babies aged from 0-6 years old and their caregivers
  • ​Expectant mothers

What are benefits of baby signing?

  • Baby signing is a style of communication between baby and adults using fingers, hands, arms, and facial expressions based on American Sign Language (ASL).
  • American Sign Language is a formal language just like Spanish, French, or Italian, and is the dominant language of Deaf Americans and their family members, interpreters and educators.
  • Baby signing is used by hearing and deaf children, before they even start talking. Baby signing becomes popular among new parents because of multiple benefits (see below for benefits).

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