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ZOOM private lesson

  • Parent/Caregiver with children 0-3 years old. Expectant parents and grandparents are also welcome.
  • Each lesson is designed for individual family including opportunities to ask many questions.  Interactive classes to build signing language vocabulary while playing games, reading books, singing songs.
  • Learn new signs with a theme in every lesson. Themes include feeling signs (hurt, happy), bedtime signs (sleep, moon), food signs (apple, banana), color signs (red, blue).
  • Any siblings older than 3 years old are welcome to attend the class. 
  • Class time - 30 minutes of Signing Time.

private sessions available

Please contact us to schedule a session.


Class Schedule

Please contact us to register for the private lesson. Include your preferred date and time, your child(ren)'s name and date of birth. 


Give a precious gift of baby signing! Gift cards are available for birthday or baby shower gifts. 

​We will send a thank you gift from Joyful Signing Academy, when you introduce your friends. 

english speaking sessions


  • $80 for 4 classes/one family. ($150 for 4 classes/two families) 
  • The payment, Venmo (@Akiko-Amano-1) or Zelle (@503-473-9133). 

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Time (PST)

(A) Mondays

(1) 9:10am—9:40am

(2) 9:40am—10:10am

(3) 12:10pm—12:40pm

(4) 4:40pm—5:10pm (Japan Time: Tue 8:40am)
(5) 5:10pm—5:40pm (Japan Time: Tue 9:10am)
(6) 5:40pm—6:10pm (Japan Time: Tue 9:40am)
(7) 6:10pm—6:40pm (Japan Time: Tue 10:10am)

(B) Tuesdays

(1) 9:40am—10:10am

(2) 12:10pm—12:40pm

(C) Thursdays

(1) 9:40am—10:10am
(2) 12:10pm—12:40pm

(D) Fridays

(1) 9:10am—9:40am
(2) 9:40am—10:10am
(3) 12:10pm—12:40pm

(4) 1:40pm—2:10pm

(5) 2:10pm—2:40pm